Creating A Better World

for people with cognitive, intellectual, and developmental disabilities

Arc Core Values

The Arc believes in

People First

The Arc believes that all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have strengths, abilities and inherent value; are equal before the law; and must be treated with dignity and respect. The Arc represents, supports, and acts on behalf of individuals and their families regardless of level of disability or membership in The Arc. The Arc believes in self-determination by empowering people with the supports needed to make informed decisions and choices.


Visionary Leadership

The Arc leads by promoting the mission core values and position statements. We lead with integrity, accountability, and by open, honest and timely communication. We work with individuals, organizations and coalitions in a collaborative fashion. There is a valued partnership with volunteer and staff leadership at all levels of the organization that provides mutual support for their respective roles.

Community Participation

The Arc works toward and believes in the community imperative: that all people have the fundamental moral, civil and constitutional rights to live, learn, work, play and worship in safe and healthy communities of their choosing. The Arc has responsibility to ensure the safety and well being of individuals.



The Arc of Morgan County offers direct programs for families and individuals affected by developmental disabilities while also providing direction on where specific services may be found. We are constantly searching for improved ways to benefit those we serve by enhancing the programs currently in place.

Programs and services currently available include: Summer School, After School Care, School’s out activity programs, Respite care, Recreation programs, Educational services, Supported employment
Temporary assistance, Guardianship, and Support Programs.

The Arc of Morgan County also provides family support and offers opportunities for parents and professionals to become acquainted with others living under the same circumstances. These introductions usually take place at support groups, workshops, seminars, and other related activities.

The Arc

At the Arc of Morgan County, we believe that every individual – regardless of their disability – has the right to enjoy a fulfilling life full of dreams and to be an important part of their local community. Our mission is to ensure that those dreams are realized and that the challenges of the people we serve are met with a passion and enthusiasm that spreads throughout our program. At The Arc of Morgan County, our devotion to those with disabilities exists not because of what we mean to them, but because of what they mean to us.

The Arc of Morgan County is a non-profit organization devoted to improving the quality of life for individuals with cognitive, intellectual, and developmental disabilities. The Arc also provides support services to parents, individuals, organizations, and committees for jointly solving problems caused by the needs of those affected.

Millions of Americans throughout our country live with developmental disabilities and Morgan County is no exception. In excess of 3,000 individuals in Morgan County have a developmental disability and more than 10% of our children require special education services and support. As long as families are faced with developmental disabilities, The Arc will sustain current programs and services, while also looking for new ways to help those affected overcome challenges and live happy, successful lives.

Limitless Potential

Surrounded by children just like your child, they’ll grow up understanding what it means to be loved.

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